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Wizarding Game

Enjoy a magical VIRTUAL time with your colleagues and coworkers with our exciting wizarding event for corporate team building, fund raising event or holiday dinner. Compete for the role of headmaster of your local wizards school. But watch out! Some of your coworkers might have started using forbidden magic to get the dark lord into the headmaster’s seat! LEARN MORE

1940s Science Fiction

The Society for Morality & Decency (SMD) is holding it’s annual 1948 banquet aboard the USS Lovecraft. This world-wide network of professionals, philanthropists and military organized themselves as the Society for Morality and Decency to research artifacts discovered during WW2 to better understand them and to preserve history. But there is a great secret that is to be revealed. One of the SMD board members is not who they seem, and works to enact their own plans to raise an elder god and take over the world! Can you and your friends stop them in time? This exciting VIRTUAL event is like a giant game of Clue where you interview suspects, investigate clues and uncover the plot in a race against time. This event can be used as a fundraiser, corporate team building or holiday dinner. LEARN MORE

1920s Puzzler

It’s early 1920s England, and Anthony Calthorpe, Duke of Mansion Delamorte has met an untimely end. You have been invited to the reading of his will along with the other important families of society. Calthorpe was known for being eccentric! He loved puzzles, mysteries and exotic collections. You hope to inherit something valuable. But even more, you’ve heard rumors that the Mansion Delamorte has its own, equally valuable secrets to divulge. Can you solve them before the rest? This fun event is filled with puzzles and fun challenges – perfect for corporate team building, holiday dinner or a fund raiser! LEARN MORE

Sherlock Holidays Humbuggery

You are invited to enjoy this amazing immersive holiday experience! Christmastime in 1895 Mrs. Hudson & Watson have invited guests to a winter lodge outside of London to celebrate the holidays with those who have been clients or associates of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The lodge is decorated with boughs and berries and the room smells of cinnamon and balsam. Suddenly, Lestrade interrupts the party. “Forgive the interruption, Mr. Holmes, but we urgently need your help!” You and the other guests look at one another. The time has come. The game is afoot! This VIRTUAL interactive event is available for your organization to enjoy for team building, a holiday party or a fund raising event. LEARN MORE