You know those moments where the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? This happened to me a couple of years ago when I was getting my haircut and it changed my mindset and brought clarity to my life.

As you know, I’ve been an accidental entrepreneur for nearly a decade. The motivation for us to start organizing programs as Mastermind Adventures was to create a way for our kids to find connection. As we started building community by creating game nights, Nerf meetups and Dungeons & Dragons games, we realized pretty quickly that the need for this kind of connection went far beyond my own kids.

This was my inspiration and my passion – this was my ‘Why’! And with such meaningful purpose, it was easy to work 80 hour weeks to create unique and exciting programs. In fact, the demands never ended- there was constant need – always something else that required attention and it all felt very immediately important.

Add to that my own brain chemistry, and I had a cocktail for sleeplessness, hyper focus and 24/7 work, work, work.